Hinge’s new voice prompt feature gets mixed responses

The dating app has released a new ‘voice prompt’ feature which allows people to answer prompts on your profile with a 30-second audio recording.

Additionally, Hinge has also added voice notes to its in-app messaging feature so people can send an audio message whilst chatting with their matches.

‘Oh, this is a bad idea,’ was Michala https://datingranking.net/tr/loveroulette-inceleme/ Zappitelli’s first reaction to it. ‘The feature was a bit odd for a dating app because when I use voice notes, it’s to my closest friends and only when it’s inconvenient to text,’ she said.

64% of Hinge users said that a potential match’s voice was an important factor in determining if they liked them, whether it’s giving them ‘the ick’ or butterflies.

‘I definitely think it’s affected whether I swipe right or left on a profile. I can’t believe people would record something like that and post it to their profile, and it changes my initial opinion of them,’ said 23-year-old Zappitelli.

‘Sitting down and recording yourself speaking feels embarrassing to me and it’s definitely caused me to swipe left on people I might not have otherwise,’ said Charlotte Hancock, 24.

There’s also the added factor that many of us don’t like hearing recordings of our own voices. Experts say that’s because we don’t get to hear our voices exactly how they sound to other people. This decreases the probability of someone posting a voice note on a dating app.

‘I have not used it because I personally think it’s awkward to record a voice note to a prompt for hundreds of random men/women to hear,’ added Zappitelli.

Hinge’s new voice prompt feature gets mixed responses

Despite the initial scepticism, some users seem to have taken to the new feature, using it to bring out their personalities better. Read more