This new old Greeks indeed thought of themselves since ‘one to people’ – they’d an equivalent religion, language and culture

All several years all of the Greek urban area-says sent its men and females in order to compete regarding Olympic Game. Politically, although not, Ancient Greece try separated between multiple hundred or so separate town states (poleis). These urban area-claims increasingly defended their freedom from a single another. Political unity wasn’t an alternative, unless of course imposed out-of additional (and that earliest taken place whenever Philip II, queen off Macedonia, beaten the metropolis-states out of Greece on the mid-fourth 100 years BC.)

The metropolis-Condition

A frequent Greek city try depending up to a fortified slope, called an “acropolis”. Right here try found the latest city’s master forehead, the new city’s treasury, and lots of most other social structures.

That it room might be supported by articles and you will in it, quick structures in which actors altered dresses and you may masks, and also for the props

In the centre of one’s urban area are the brand new “Agora” – the fresh new main space where societal meetings took place, and you may where dealers put up their stand. Read more