Although phrase “freedom hopes and dreams” comes from Robin D

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thirteen. G. Kelley, Liberty Hopes and dreams: The latest Black Revolutionary Creative imagination (Boston, 2002), of many historians of the Americas keeps explored the various implies in the past enslaved Black colored some body passed the versatility, included in this Camillia Cowling, Conceiving Versatility: Girls away from Color, Intercourse, and also the Abolition regarding Slavery from inside the Havana and you will Rio de- ); Thavolia Glymph, Out of our home of Slavery; Natasha Lightfoot, Frustrating Freedom: Antigua as well as the Aftermath away from British Emancipation (Durham, NC, 2015); Brian L. Moore and you can Michele Good. Johnson, None Added neither Inspired: Contesting British Social Imperialism for the Jamaica, 1865-1920 (Kingston, 2004); Mimi Sheller, Citizenship of Below: Sexual Agencies and you may Caribbean Freedom (Durham, NC, 2012). Read more